Quito, May 23.- A group of 22 young Ecuadoreans reaffirmed their support of the cause of the antiterrorists fighters in the Amazone province of Pastaza.

The act included a political and cultural gala, in which the leader of the group Salomon Osorio, explained to the public their will to participate in the 2nd International Meeting for the Liberation of the Cuban Five. This meeting will be held from May 12th-14th in Havana and the young Ecuadoreans will take the Carlos Bastidas cultural caravan to all the places they visit in the island, to pay tribute to the fellow journalist murdered during the Batista dictatorship in 1958.

Advisor from the Cuban embassy to Ecuador, Basilio Gutierrez, Cuban consul, Erik Cubiles, relatives of the Ecuadoreans studying in Cuba, city officials and residents of El Puyo also attended the activity to praise the work this group is doing and to express their support of the cause they are defending. (RHC).


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