HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 4 (ACN) The International Committee for the freedom of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters held in the US called on the people around the world to massively join twitter on Saturday with messages demanding the release of the five Cuban heroes.

The action will take place during the day by using hashtags such as #ObamaLiberalos5Ya!; #ObamaFreetheFiveNow!; #ObamaGivemeFive and #ObamaGestoHumanitarioxlos5!

This will be the first global initiative in 2013 in solidarity with Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Rene Gonzalez, internationally known as the Cuban Five.

Ramon, Gerardo, Antonio and Fernando are serving severe prison sentences in the United States, while Rene Gonzalez was released from jail in October 2011, but he was forced to stay under probation on US territory, despite the fact that he belongs with his family in Cuba.

The Five were arrested in 1998 after they monitored Florida-based violent organizations that planned terrorist actions against Cuba. They were later submitted to a biased Miami trial which gave them extremely long and unfair sentences.

The  Committee called on the international committee to send email messages, postcards or make calls to the White House in order to pressure President Barack Obama to free the five anti-terrorists.

Cubanews/lcg/lcg/ 01-04-12
Twitazo global por los Cinco este sabado
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