MADRID. - Spaniards and Cubans in the capital demanded the immediate release of five anti-terrorists from the island prisoners in the United States since 1998 for trying to prevent violent actions against their country.

The Embassy of Cuba in Madrid was the scene of an emotional tribute to The Five, as they are known Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González, Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino and René González in the global campaigns for their release.

Speaking at the ceremony, the deputy chief of the Cuban diplomatic mission, Hugo Ramos, updated the meeting about the ongoing appeal process, in particular the fundamental contents of the affidavit (statement) of the Memorandum of Gerardo and Antonio.

These documents demonstrate the handling of the case against the Five and their innocence.

The diplomat lamented the recent death of U.S. lawyer Leonard Weinglass, attorney for Guerrero and assistant counsel in the appeal of habeas corpus for Hernandez, who praised his selfless altruism.

In his speech, Ramos denounced the cyberwar being waged against Cuba, with emphasis on the unscrupulous activities of mercenary bloggers from within the Caribbean island.

He urged the Spanish movement of solidarity to disclose the revelations contained in the television series The reasons for Cuba, which reveals the strategy of subversion of the U.S. government against Cuba.

In turn, Araceli Escudero, of the Madrid Committee to Free the Cuban Five, talked about the actions taken by that group in favor of this cause.

He mentioned the first accessions in Spain to the campaign for a million signatures in solidarity with Cuba movement in Europe for President Barack Obama claiming the release of the anti-terrorists.

During the evening, the troubadour and songwriter Paula Ferré from Argentina introduced the Confidential Songs album, in which a dozen songwriters put music to 24 poems by Antonio Guerrero.

Ferré and Cuban singer Ismael de la Torre, visiting Madrid, sang some parts of this album, in which renowned artists such as Vicente Feliu, Teresa Parodi, Horacio Fontova and Ignacio Copani perform. (PL)


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