By Alejandro Gómez

Brasilia, Jul 27 (Prensa Latina) The support to the Cuban Revolution and the demand for the US government to free the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters mostly known as The Cuban Five came up in the celebration of the Cuban National Rebelon Day in Brazil on July 26th.

This ephemeredes recalls the assaults to the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Garrisons in Santiago de Cuba in Bayamo, by a group of brave young men headed by Fidel Castro on July 26, 1953.

These actions marked the start of the armed struggle against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, which ended five years, five months and five days later with the triumph of the Revolution.

The cultural and political activity at the host of the Teachers Syndicate in Brasilia, organized by Brazilian solidarity and social movements in Brazil, together with political organizations, the Jose Marti National Association of Cuban Residents in Brazil and the Cuban Embassy in Brasilia.

Alfonso Magalhaes, in representation of the Brazilian movements, talked about the historical importance of the deeds in 1953 for the triumph of the Cuban Revolution and the political process in the rest of the continent.

Magalhaes said that thanks to the Cuban resistance for 53 years, in which it has faced all kinds of aggressions, such as the brutal economic, commercial and financial blockade from successive US governments.

Other speakers, such as Alexis Issac (AncrebJM-Brasilia) said the Cuban residents in Brazil and members of his organization defend the Cuban Revolution and reject the US blockade against Cuba, demanding the immediate release of the Cuban Five.

Cuban Embassy trade attaché Marieta Garcia was grateful on behalf of the Cuban government and people the unconditional solidarity of the Brazilian organizations and political forces.


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