Thirteen Years of Injustice for the Cuban 5 
Photo: Bill Hackwell

As we build the pressure on the Obama Administration to free the five heroes of Cuba this September 5 we have to remember that September has a special meaning in the struggle against terrorism. 

September 4th marks the 14th anniversary of the brutal terrorist bombing of the Copacabana Hotel in Havana that ended the life of Fabio Di Celmo, the Italian youth who today would have been 46 years old, the same age as Gerardo Hernandez. If the US government would of stopped the plans of international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who organized and paid mercenaries to plant bombs in Cuban hotels, Fabio would be alive today and the Cuban 5 would never have had to go to the US. 

It was 35 years ago on September 21, 1976 that a terrorist bomb destroyed the life of former Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs Orlando Letelier and his North American secretary Ronny Moffit on a Washington DC street. The US freed two of the terrorists responsible for this bombing after only 7 years.  

While protecting and sheltering terrorists the US continues to incarcerate the anti terrorist Cuban 5. Five innocent men who have now served 13 years of unjust punishment for defending their country.  

This September 5th, once again, we ask President Obama to Free the Cuban 5 and to extradite the criminal Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela the country that has asked for his extradition for 6 years.

By phone: 202-456-1111

If calling from outside the United States, dial first the International Area Code
+ 1 (US country code) followed by 202-456-1111
By Fax: 202-456-2461

If fax is sent from outside the United States, dial first the International Area
Code + 1 (US country code) followed by 202-456-2461

To send an electronic message write to:

To send a telegram
President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20500

International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5

5 for the 5 and Labour Day Message from Toronto Forum on Cuba

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