CAIMITO, Cuba, Apr 28 (acn) Members of the 6th contingent of the Primero de Mayo International Brigade, made up by friends from some 20 countries, conversed on Thursday with relatives of the Cuban Five about the situation of these antiterrorist fighters.
  At the Julio Antonio Mella Camp, more than 150 brigadistas from the Congo, the Ukraine, Peru and Sri Lanka, took an interest in the legal situation of Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero, Ramon Labañino, Gerardo Hernandez and Rene Gonzalez, subjected to unfair trials.

   Mirta Rodriguez, mother of Antonio, highlighted the importance of the ongoing international campaign of solidarity and the influence of public opinion on the review of their sentences, an effect officially acknowledged by US lawyers.

   She added that the support to their cause is the fastest way to achieve their release and underlined the participation of many people from different nationalities as a way to show their backing of the innocence of The Five.

  During the meeting, Jose Alfredo Pineda, a journalist of Guatemalan origin and a member of the Costa Rican delegation, focused on the constant misleading information provided by the mainstream media and explained the need to continue publishing articles and reports in important publications, in order to spread the truth about their case.

  For his part, Diego Fontes, from Brazil, said that this struggle is added to the campaign against the economic blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States for over half a century now, and that demonstrations in favor of the Cuban Revolution will continue.

   The Five, as they’re known internationally, were arrested in the United States on September 12, 1998, and condemned to harsh sentences, in a biased and unfair trial where no guilt was proved.    

Cuban News Agency

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