Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Antigua and Barbuda, Winston Baldwin Spencer, attended a meeting with relatives of the Cuban Five on Wednesday where he criticised the human rights violations committed against them, and the unfair imprisonment these five Cuban antiterrorists have had to endure in US jails.

Baldwin Spencer said his country does not approve of the stance adopted by the US government, since "we do not believe they are doing the right thing in this case; obviously, they are biased against the Five and we should not let this continue further," he said.

Later on, the prime minister reaffirmed the commitment of his government and people to continue pushing for the liberation of Gerardo, Antonio, René, Fernando and Ramón; saying that they will not give up the fight until the Cuban Five are finally free.

"We are all part of the same Caribbean people; therefore your fight is also our fight," Spencer added.

"We will continue working together and raising our voice against injustice within the Caribbean community, and also in Latin America and the international community," the foreign minister assured.

Lastly, Baldwin said that "preserving peace and justice is not much to ask for any nation, or for any strong-minded peoples; therefore we must all make sure this paramount goal is fulfilled and respected."

The dialogue to discuss the Cuban Five case took place at the Havana-based Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP), and was attended by the president of that institution Kenia Serrano.


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