Edwin Castro, head of the Sandinista bench in the National Assembly, said that Nicaraguans also raised their voices to demand the release of the five Cuban anti-terrorists unjustly convicted in the United States. The only crime committed by these men, he said, was to seek peace and work to prevent unnecessary deaths and terrorism. Castro spoke at the Nov. 13 opening of an exhibition on the Cuban Five at the National Assembly building in Managua. The exhibition, he said, will remain at the Assembly for two weeks, and will then move on to universities, state agencies, and the 134 municipalities won by the Sandinistas in the Nov. 4 local elections.

Castro said, “I’m sure other municipalities will open their doors to this exposition because, beyond the love held by Nicaraguans for the Cubans, the case against Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and René Gonzalez is reprehensible in every aspect.” He noted that the event coincided with the vote in the General Assembly of the United Nations for the twenty-first time on the resolution condemning the blockade of Cuba by the United States. He called the policy, which was rejected by 186 countries and backed only by the United States, Israel, and the Marshall Islands, as criminal.

National Assembly President René Nuñez said the exhibition aims to help expand knowledge of history among deputies and the Central American people about the campaign to return the Cuban Five to their families in Cuba.

(Radio La Primerisima, Nov. 13)


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