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Haitian journalist Jean Apollon Gary is known in his sore homeland for his popular program Sabor Latino, from the Radio Signal FM 90.5, one of the most important in this country and located in Petionville, Port au Prince, has a bridge of friendship and integration of Our America and also the most just causes on this planet.

From his daily program Sabor Latino the Haitian journalist, requires US president Barack Obama to immediately release the Cuban Five.

He had enough nerve to protect and maintain the radio console in the ether in the very moment when the earth shook in Haiti as never before that fateful January 12, 2010, and request international assistance for his long-suffering nation.

Talkative, persuasive, passionate about the profession, which takes 20 years, he prides himself on being one of the many friends that Cuba has in the land of the great Louverture. He is also next to the Cuban people in their claim for the freedom of the Cuban Five, unjustly imprisoned in U.S. for fighting terrorism.

From Sabor Latino’s microphones, Apollon asked for the complete recovery of the Bolivarian President Hugo Chavez and Fidel's health, and demanded the head of the White House, Barack Obama, to use his presidential prerogatives and immediately release Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labanino and Rene Gonzalez, "because any sane person understands that they never threatened the U.S. national security," he said.

The Cuban patriots only fought the evil terrorists plans orchestrated in South Florida against the people of the Greater Antilles. "They had nothing whatsoever to do with spying on U.S. soil," reiterates this professional radio communicator.

"The U.S. government, which says to be waging a war against terrorism, should listen to the arguments of the Five and remove the anti-Cuban terrorist mafia of Miami. That would be a positive service to humanity," he says.

After stating that the trial against Gerardo, Antonio, Fernando, Ramón and René was arbitrary and political, he explains that the people of Haiti support their release and report the violations of their human rights.

I know of many young Haitians who have sent letters to the U.S. government demanding the release of these brave men and in Sabor Latino you will always find solidarity for the cause just and humane," he says.

Convinced of the full integration of Haiti in Latin America, Apollon, who also dominates Creole and French, the official languages of his country, speaks fluent English and Spanish. He considers that the cooperation provided by Cuba to his homeland in health, education and other areas has been quite successful and generous.

"There are hundreds of Haitian doctors that Cuba has formed for free. Cuba’s help in the fight against illiteracy by the method of learning to read and write “Yo sí puedo” is inestimable; and there are thousands of my countrymen who have recovered or improved their sight thanks to Cuban eye rehabilitation program Operation Miracle, says the colleague who has visited our island.

"This is a contribution that my country has no money to pay and that Cuba has never asked anything in return for," says Apollon, who also condemned the economic, commercial and financial U.S. authorities against the homeland of José Martí. / Granma


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