Havana, Cuba, Aug 17.- The 4th Solidarity Brigade of foreign students from 36 nations, currently studying on the island, ratified their commitment to fight  current misinformation campaigns against Cuba and to back international actions for the return to the island of the five Cuban heroes held in the United States.

Over 100 youths were received on Thursday at the Julio Antonio Mella International Camp in the western province of Artemisa, where they are dedicating part of their holidays to economic and social activities.

During the welcoming ceremony, Cuban Young Communist League’s foreign relations official Sarahis Figueras thanked the youths for their support and said it was an honor to share with them working activities in the area.

The students exchanged views with national student organizations and learned of their structure and actions.

Bolivian Alexa Flores, a medical student, told the Cuban News Agency that she considered it an honor   having been able to study on the island, and she thanked the Cuban government for granting scholarships to so many foreign youths.

The brigade is made up of students from Angola, Ghana, Nicaragua, Bolivia, China, Vietnam and other nations. (ACN)


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