“Concert for the freedom of the Five”

Kiev, Ukraine, April 12, 2011.- Today, coinciding with the 50TH anniversary of  Yuri Gagarin first trip to the  cosmos, feat displayed by all soviet people, a concert was celebrated at School Number 64 of Kiev, as part of the European Campaign “One million signatures for the freedom of the Five” in Ukraine.

The musicians, the Ukrainian duet “Sviezhiy Veter” (Fresh Wind), whose members Alexander Shevchenko (violin) and Alina Boiko (guitar); have been laureate from international competitions and active members of the National Union of Ukrainian Musicians, offered this wonderful concert to all children and teachers of the school as well as other people who came to the activity.

The main auditorium used for cultural events at the school, at its full capacity, was previously adorned with the flag and the shield of the Republic of Cuba and the logos of the Ukrainian National Committee for the Freedom of the Five, main organizers of the event, as well as the logo of the Association of Friendship Ukraine-Cuba. From another angle of the stage, participants could watch images of passages of historical events and heroes of the Revolution, as well as images of diverse landscapes of Cuba.

The activity started by Oksana Yushkó remarks, the host and director of the school. It was followed by the duet “Svezhiy Veter” that interpreted a rich part of their classic Ukrainian music repertoire. Additionally, the violin player Alexander Shevchenko narrated to the children the heroic acts of   the five Cuban antiterrorists and their importance not only for Cuba but also for Ukraine and for Humanity; also he asked a few questions about Cuba and it Revolution to the children, and they gladly responded.

A crucial moment of this concert as a testament of the union between the artists and all participants around the struggle to free the Five, was when a child named Pablo, student of the school, asked if he could interpret a song  with the guitar. The strong applauses were witness of the quality of the activity, professionalism and humanism of the musicians.

Many students and teachers signed the form of this campaign in support of the freedom of the Cuban antiterrorists, campaign that is taking place all over Ukraine.

The last words were pronounced by the counsel of the Cuba Embassy, Emilio Pevida, who on behalf of the people of Cuban thanked the artists, and this school, symbol of the solidarity with Cuba and the struggle for the freedom of the Five.


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