HAVANA, Cuba, May 19 (acn) Anatolij Lemeshenok, president of the Association of Journalists of  Byelorussia, stressed on Wednesday the support of media outlets and communicators of that European nation in the struggle for the release of the five Cuban antiterrorists unfairly
incarcerated in the United States since 1998.

Lemeshenok met with Cuba’s ambassador to Minsk, Alfredo Nieves, who said that the way for the truth to be known about the case of the five patriots, condemned in 2001 to arbitrary sentences in a biased trial held in Miami, is increasingly clearer, the www.cubaminrex.cu Web site reported.

Gerardo Hernandez, Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero, Rene Gonzalez and Ramon Labañino were condemned to sentences ranging from 15 years to two life imprisonments plus 15 years.These patriots were monitoring the activities of Florida based anti-Cuban groups to warn about their plans of criminal actions, which have Washington’s consent.

Lemeshenok asserted that, although the mass media of his country know about the struggle for the cause of The Five, it’s necessary to redouble efforts of solidarity so the the US government puts an end to that injustice and these heroes are released from prison.

The Cuban diplomat underlined that Gerardo, Fernando, Antonio, Rene and Ramon have been in US jails for almost 13 years now and that –due to their strength and their loyalty to revolutionary principles- the US government vents all its hatred and revenge on them.

Lemeshenok and Nieves Portuondo coincided that it’s necessary to join forces and redouble the political battle for the release of The Five, in the face of the censorship and the wall of silence imposed by the media outlets of the great world powers about the unfair imprisonment of these men.

Cuban News Agency

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