MIAMI, September 19.— Described as a resounding and important success was the conference held here addressing the case of the Cuban Five, attended by 100 members of the Alianza Martiana, who denounced the decision by Judge Lenard requiring René González to remain in the United States to complete three years of probation after having served his full sentence in prison.

Participants in the event, which took place in the Hotel Embassy Suites, also discussed the need to continue the international campaign demanding a Presidential pardon to free the Five, as well as other aspects of the legal process and the current situation in Congress regarding restrictions on travel to Cuba.

Speaking were Elena Freyre, president of the Foundation for Normalization of US-Cuba Relations; Max Lesnik, director of both Radio Miami and the Alianza Martiana; as well as Andrés Gómez, national coordinator of the Antonio Maceo Brigade.

Cuban National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcón addressed the gathering via telephone and provided an update on the case of the Five, condemning the decision by U.S. District Court Judge Lenard denying René's request to return immediately to Cuba as soon as he is released from prison October 7.


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