Yamylé Fernández

Camagüey, Cuba, 5 Jan.- Members of the Association of Cuban Social Communicators (ACCS) conceived in Camagüey a project which target is the creation of a park dedicated to five antiterrorists unjustly imprisoned in United States.

José Antonio Tomey, specialist in Public relations in the Gran Hotel, of the Camagüey city, and promoter of the idea, expressed that the initiative was born of call to demand return of Cuban Five.

The work includes symbolic elements as the star, present in the national flag, the beret of Che Guevara and in the grades of the Commander-in-Chief; the Caguairán linked to strength of Cuban people, and five palmas allegorical to meeting of Fidel and Raúl after combat in Alegría de Pío.

The project dedicated to Cuban Five, presented by specialists of the Association of Cuban Social Communicators in Camaguey, received Special Mention in the most recent edition of the Premio Imagen.

Cadena Agramonte

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