The Organization of American States (O.A.S.) Summit, which was held on April 10-11 did not result with a final declaration, due to the United States and Canada -read the "other America"- having helped to quash it!
It was the first time that revolutionary Cuba attended since 1962 (when the island was expelled due to the United States’ pressures and colonizing efforts), because of the wave of support and solidarity it received from almost every single Latin American and Caribbean country.
To understand why there was no final declaration we should first note that the parallel Summit of the Peoples’ final declaration, which took place two days prior to the O.A.S. Summit, demanded the following:
a)    The decolonization of Puerto Rico by the U.S. government
b)    Bolivia's right to have access to the sea from Chile
c)    The right of Argentina to have its territorial claims on the Malvinas Islands recognized
d)    Ecuador's right to claim damages from Chevron in order to clean up the mess they have created
e)    That he U.S. government to stop its interference in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and for the imposed sanctions to be lifted
f)     That the U.S. economic blockade of Cuba be lifted
g)    That the U.S. government and its allies stop interfering in the internal affairs of other nations and much more...
The speech by Raul Castro, President of Cuba, was received by many applauses and it was covered by various media outlets throughout the world.  It recounted the history of U.S. imperialism in the hemisphere through the overthrowing of legitimate and elected governments, numerous military coups d'état and the imposition of economic, political and social orders that ruined  the lives of tens of thousands of indigenous peoples and the disappearance of hundreds of thousands!
While giving a brief history of terrorism unleashed against Cuba and other countries, the President of Cuba confirmed the Cuban people’s determination to fight for the sovereignty of their small nation along with all the other Latin American and Caribbean nations in order to ensure that the region will be a "zone of peace" as it was agreed upon with a consensus at the 2nd Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), held in Havana.
That is why the imperialist countries of the north -the U.S. and Canada- could not digest issuing a final declaration, which would have included clauses of solidarity amongst nations, the commitment of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries and the building of friendship amongst nations in order to help solve some of the constantly persisting problems like poverty, illiteracy, the lack of health care and other similar issues; so, instead, they helped to quash such a consolidation of the nations of "our America".
In the case of Canada, Prime Minster Stephen Harper did not even bother to inform the Canadian press to be present for his official encounter with the Cuban President so they could ask questions or take an official photo!  Why?
Considering the fact that the Prime Minister of Canada -following last Dec. 17th’s declaration of the initiation of official talks between the U.S. and Cuba- said that "now is the time for Cuba to join the 21st century", which is a very insulting and hegemonic point of view of revolutionary Cuba, it is obvious that he cannot digest the fact that the whole continent is in solidarity with Cuba, with the exception of its northern ally, in its just demand to have the criminal U.S.-imposed blockade lifted and to return occupied Guantanamo to its righteous owner:  the people of Cuba.
And, of course, it does not sit well with the imperial power of the U.S. to have to listen to and to carry the unanimous call of the former "client" regimes and/or coerced governments of the past 50 years or so.
As a result, all we have learned from the 7th Summit of the OAS, is that there are two Americas in this continent!  One is "Our America", which is the one calling for the unity of nations in solidarity with Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, etca.  The other is the America of "North America", comprising of the U.S. and Canada, which do not and will not go along with respecting the sovereignty of other nations and aiming for peace, as has been demonstrated by their recent warmongering and occupational policies extending from Ukraine to Syria to Iraq to Palestine to right here in this hemisphere against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela!

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